Our Captain

Captain Charles (Chuck) Schumann

What more can be said about our beloved Captain Schumann? He sports that beard like a true sailor! But behind that salty facade beats the heart of a little boy. A boy who grew up just a few blocks from Otten’s Harbor, where he watched longingly as the big boats came and went. He would dream about the adventures that those men would have on the high seas! Ever since he was old enough to be a cabin boy, he decided that all trips to the sea must be full of knowledge and adventure!

Captain Schumann earned his ‘sea legs’ under the direction of Captain Otto Stocker, who was the original Skipper of the Big Blue Sightseer. He worked on the boat for several years, which gave him a deep respect for the sea. His curiosity led him to the Florida Institute of Technology where he became an Oceanographer, and it’s all history after that! Captain Schumann returned to his Wildwood home, earned his Coast Guard License, and acquired the Big Blue in 1982.

When vacationers return to their winter haunts, Captain Schumann remains heavily involved with the Harbor and all aspects of marine life. You may not know this, but there is always work to be done on any boat, and the Captain is usually here 365 days a year!